Picture Gallery!

Before the show Preshow Cast Date Auction for charity Science Fiction Double Feature
Dammit Janet There's a light Time Warp Sweet Transvestite
Creation Sword of Damocles Hot Patootie Charles Atlas Reprise
Bedroom Scene Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch me Eddie's Teddy Floor Show

Photos by Chris Alvarez

Before the show
Audience at concessions

Kristie, Ed, Brian
"Gimme an R" Sal!
Costume Contest Winner

Cast Date Auction for charity
Anybody want to buy a Columbia? Diana, Will, Sal, Kristie
HOW MUCH?!? Diana, Sal
Can I interest you in a Rocky? Will, Sal
How about a Trixie? Kristie, Sal

Science Fiction Double Feature
Trixie! Kristie
Lips! Kristie

Dammit Janet
"Well, I guess we really did it!" Briton, Adam, Kat, Ricky
"Why Ralph himself, he'll be in line for a promotion..." Adam, Cindy
"I've got something to say" Cindy, Adam
"So please don't tell me to can it..." Cindy, Adam
"The road was long but I ran it" Cindy, Wendy, Adam, Jason

There's a light
"Over at the Frankenstein Place" Cindy, Adam

Time Warp
"It's just a jump to the left..." Wendy, Jason, Thelma, Nikki, Briton
"...and then a step to the ri-i-i-ight!" Thelma, Nikki, Briton, Bill
"I see all" Ed, Jannie, Cindy, Adam
"Time meant nothing..." Ryan, Jamie, Ed, Tim, Jannie, Jason, Diana

Sweet Transvestite
"Say something!" Diana, Adam, Cindy
"How d'you do?" Jannie, Adam, Scott, Cindy
"I'm just a sweet transvestite" Scott
"Boom-chick-a-boom..." Scott, Diana
"...with blonde hair and a tan..." Diana, Jannie, Scott, Ed

"...let alone offer them...hospitality" Adam, Scott
"Throw open the switches..." Jannie, Scott, Diana
Spaceship Honeycomb Jannie, Scott, Diana

Sword of Damocles
"Hey Riff, give rocky some..." Scott, Jannie, Will, Ed, Diana
"...is hanging over my head" Will
"I'm dressed up with no place to go..." Diana, Will, Scott, Jannie, Ed
"sha-la-la-la-la, ain't no crime!" Diana, Ed, Jannie
"...ain't no crim...sha-la-la!" Diana, Ed, Will, Jannie

Hot Patootie
"Eddie!" Scott, Diana
"I used to go for a ride with a chick who'd go" Diana, Tom
Sidecars Diana, Tom
Love...Hate Tom

Charles Atlas Reprise
"Strut, kick, strut, kick" Diana, Scott, Will
"In just seven days..." Scott, Will

Bedroom Scene
"Brad, darling, come in" Cindy, Scott
"Don't...stop...don't...stop" Cindy, Scott
"Oh...Janet. Janet!" Diamond Dave, Scott
"There's no crime in giving yourself over to pleasure" Diamond Dave, Scott
"Coming!" Diamond Dave, Scott

Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch me
"If only..." Cindy
"Thrill me, chill me, fulfill me!" Traci, Jannie
"How did it happen?" Ed, Scott, Adam

Eddie's Teddy
"From the day he was born..." Randy
"...but he never caused her nothing but pain" Brian
"He was a low-down, cheap little punk!" Brian
"Everybody shoved him..." Diana
"...stay sane inside insanity..." Jamie, Diana

Floor Show
"...is my love of a certain dope" Adam, Cindy, Diana, Will
"I feel sexy" Adam, Cindy
"Help me, mommy!" Adam, Cindy
"Whatever happened to Fay Wray?" Scott

Posed pictures
Before the show
During the show
The Planet 9 Ball show

During dress rehearsals...
Photos by Lisa Martin and an unknown person
Picture 1
Alex, Traci, Diana, Jessica and Lee before the show

Picture 2
Ben, Alex, Traci before the show

Picture 3
Brian looking evil as Crim before the show

Picture 4
Brian as Crim making a silly face

Picture 5
Jessica and Alex during the car scene as Janet and Brad

Picture 6
Jannie, Scott and Diana during the show

Picture 7
Diana after the show looking devilish

Picture 8
A very happy Scott after getting tipped after the show

Posed pictures:

Photos taken by Lisa Martin and Rita

By Lisa Martin:
Picture 1
Diana posing with a Columbia bendie

Picture 2
Adam posing as Brad

Picture 3
Tom as Eddie

Picture 4
Elizabeth, the Tampa Theatre Manager

Picture 5
Diana, Will, Randy and Jannie in the throne

Picture 6
Cindy with Adam while showing off her engagement ring, Janet style

Picture 7
Cindy pretty in purple

Picture 8
Tom and Diana as Eddie and Columbia

Picture 9
Diana in the jukebox position

Picture 10
Great picture of Scott on stage

Picture 11
All leads posing for newspaper photo

By Rita:
Picture 12
Adam posing before the show

Picture 13
Cindy in the pink dress showing off her ring

In the hour before the show:

Photos taken by Rita and "Diamond" Dave Grant

By Rita:
Picture 1
Brian and Rita outside Tampa Theatre

Picture 2
Rita and Kristie outside Tampa Theatre

Picture 3
Nikki and Tim outside Tampa Theatre

Picture 4
Bill, Rita, Lee and Tim

Picture 5
Jannie in the lobby of Tampa Theatre

Picture 6
Scott flaring his cape before the show

Picture 7
Rita and Diana outside of Tampa Theatre

By "Diamond" Dave Grant:
Picture 1
Thelma, Tim and Randy backstage

Picture 2
Ed backstage preparing for Riff

Picture 3
Ed smiling by the stage

Picture 4
Cindy smiling by the stage with Traci and Diana in the background

Picture 5
Brian on the stage

During the show, 10-27-00:

Photos taken by Eileen Martin, Rita and "Diamond" Dave Grant

By Eileen Martin:
Picture 1
Lab scene speech - Jannie, Scott and Diana

Picture 2
"He's okay!" - Scott, Will, Jannie, Ed and Diana

Picture 3
Tom making his entrance as Eddie

Picture 4
Tom as Eddie "What ever happened to Saturday night?"

Picture 5
Tom dancing with Diana during "Hot Patootie"

Picture 7
Randy, Jessica, Bill and Lisa after the dinner scene

Picture 8
Lisa running as dinner scene Frank

Picture 9
Jessica, Randy and Alex frozen to the spot by Lisa as Frank

By Rita:
Picture 10
Scott throwing off his cape during "Sweet T"

Picture 11
The throne scene with Diana, Jannie, Scott and Ed

Picture 12
Brian as the Criminologist

By "Diamond" Dave Grant (digital camera):
Picture 13
Kristie performing to the beginning song, "Science Fiction Double Feature"

Picture 14
Alex and Thelma as Ralph and Betty Hapschatt smiling for the camera

Picture 15
Adam as Brad Majors and Alex as Ralph in the wedding scene

Picture 16
Cindy catching the bouquet

Picture 17
Adam and Cindy with Wendy and Jason behind them

Picture 18
Adam and Cindy as Brad proposes to Janet

Picture 19
Cindy as Janet grabs the dropped ring

Picture 20
Adam and Cindy as Brad and Janet in the church

Picture 22
Brian as Crim with "The Denton Affair" book

Picture 23
Brian again with "The Denton Affair" book

Picture 24
Closeup of Brian with the Crim cigarette

Picture 25
Cindy and Adam in the car scene

Picture 26
Cindy and Adam in the car scene again

Picture 27
Cindy during "There's a Light"

Picture 28
Cindy and Adam during "There's a Light"

Picture 29
Cindy and Adam again during "There's a Light"

Picture 30
Ed as Riff Raff in the window during "There's a Light"

Picture 31
Ed again during "There's a Light"

Picture 32
Ed, Cindy and Adam at the castle door

Picture 33
Jannie making her entrance as Magenta

Picture 34
Ed as Riff Raff after opening the coffin door

Picture 35
Lee, Randy, Sheila, Wendy and Jason as Transylvanians during the "Time Warp"

Picture 36
Jannie as Magenta during the "Time Warp"

Picture 37
Diana as Columbia on the jukebox during the "Time Warp"

Picture 38
The Transylvanians again during "The Time Warp"

Picture 39
Diana tapdancing in front of the "Trannies"

Picture 40
Scott makes his appearance as Frank in front of Adam and Cindy

Picture 41
Scott throws off his cape during "Sweet Transvestite"

Picture 42
Diana, Scott and Ed in the throne scene

Picture 43
Jannie, Scott and Diana - Frank's lab speech

Picture 44
Will making his entrance as Rocky

Picture 45
Scott and Ed - Frank kicking Riff Raff

Picture 46
Will, Scott, Ed, Jannie and Diana - "He's Okay"

Picture 47
Will, Scott, Cindy and Adam - Janet disapproves of Rocky

Picture 48
Tom makinghis entrance as Eddie during "Hot Patootie"

Picture 49
Tom throwing Diana high into the air!

Picture 50
Scott and Jannie - "One from the vaults"

Picture 51
Scott and Will - "It was a mercy killing..."

Picture 52
Nikki as a Transylvanian and Scott doing the 'boogie'

Picture 53
Will and Scott - Frank leaps on Rocky

Picture 54
Traci and Jannie during "Toucha Me"

Picture 55
Scott and Ed - Frank whips Riff Raff

Picture 56
Adam, Randy, Scott, Ed - Dr. Scott's entrance

Picture 57
Scott and Adam - Frank pokes Brad with his whip

Picture 58
Jannie as Magenta - "Dinner is prepared!"

Picture 59
Scott, Will and Cindy react to the gong

Picture 60
Jason, Lisa, Bill and Wendy during the dinner scene

Picture 61
Brian - Crim's introduction to the floor show

Picture 62
Diana during Columbia's floorshow solo

Picture 63
Adam during Brad's floorshow solo

Picture 64
Cindy during Janet's floorshow solo

Picture 65
Scott as Frank at the beginning of the floor show

Picture 66
Scott again - similar to last picture

Picture 67
Scott - Frank floats in the pool

Picture 68
Scott, Diana, Will, Cindy and Adam in the pool

Picture 69
Randy - Dr. Scott gets unfrozen and sings

Picture 70
Scott - Frank sings and dances to "Rose Tint my World"

Picture 71
Will, Diana, Scott and Cindy - Floor show kick line

Picture 72
Diana, Scott, Cindy and Adam - kick line

Picture 73
Ed - Riff Raff tells Frank he's taking over

Picture 74
Scott - Frank sings "I'm Going Home"

Picture 75
Scott - Frank still singing

Picture 76
Scott - Frank just finished "I'm Going Home"

Picture 77
Ed - Riff Raff shoots his lazer gun

Picture 78
Diana - Just after Columbia was shot

Picture 79
Will and Scott - Rocky carries the dead Frank

Picture 80
Cindy, Adam and Randy - Takeover scene

Picture 81
Jannie, Ed, Randy, Cindy and Adam - Takeover scene

Picture 82
Adam - Brad sings "Superheroes"

Picture 83
Cindy - Janet sings "Superheroes"

Picture 84
Randy - Dr. Scott reaches for the sky

Picture 85
Brian - Crim begins his closing speech

Picture 86
Brian - Crim takes his book and leaves

Picture 87
Kristie performs to the ending song

Picture 88
The entire cast - Cast Call

During the show at "Planet 9 Ball" on 10-31-00:

Photos taken by Jannie Gunnlaugsson and Chris

Before the show - By Jannie Gunnlaugsson:
Picture 1
The Planet 9 Ball sign

Picture 2
Cindy in the purple Janet dress with a cowboy hat - smoking

Picture 3
Scott playing pool in his favorite platform boots

Picture 4
Wendy, Jason, Mike and Nikki posing

Picture 5
Audience members with Lee, Diana, Scott & Randy

Picture 6
Will in Columbia pajamas and Ed's Riff Raff coat.

Picture 7
Randy in Trannie costume intensely playing a video game

Picture 8
Adam as Brad having fun playing a shotgun game

Picture 9
Wendy as church Magenta riding a game's motorcycle

Picture 10
Scott as Frank in front of Jupiter, smiling like a madman

Picture 11
Tom was practicing throwing Diana when she kicked the ceiling in

Picture 12
Tom lifting Diana to fix the ceiling

Picture 13
Thelma backstage as Betty Monroe

Picture 14
Thelma and Alex backstage as Betty and Ralph

Picture 15
Lee and Sheila before the show as Trannies

During the show - by Chris:
Picture 16
Ed as Riff adjusting the invisible microphone

Picture 17
Ed and Jannie doing the Sha-la-la dance

Picture 18
Lisa as dinner scene Frank

Picture 19
Wendy as dinner scene Magenta

Picture 20
Scott as Frank during "I'm Going Home"

Picture 21
Jannie during the takeover scene (Cindy, Adam, & Randy in the background)