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Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in Tampa, FL

Wendy Honey Markham


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Other Cast(s):
Written May 30 2004
Wendy first heard of RHPS when her mother took her cousins to see it when Wendy was "too young" to go. Wendy asked her mom ever year after that to go until she finally got to go when she was 15. In 1987, Wendy joined (and helped form) her first cast, Creatures of the Night, at Tyrone Square Mall, playing the parts of Magenta and Columbia (on different nights of course). Since then, Wendy has participated in numerous casts at numerous theatres including Park Cinema and Draft, guest performance with the West Palm Beach cast, and Interchangeable Parts (back in their Seminole Mall, Crossroads, and old Pinellas Square days). She played Columbia for most of that time, but has also played Magenta, Janet, and Eddie on a regular basis for a time as well and has subbed for every other part at one time or another. In 2004, Wendy appeared on TLC's "A Wedding Story" (episode:Wendy and Chris) as they featured her medieval wedding to fellow cast member, Chris.

"Larger Than Life" cast experience:
1996: Lead Columbia
1997: Und. Columbia, Transylvanian
1998: Transylvanian, Transylvanian Coordinator
1999: Transylvanian Coordinator, Kimi Wong Tranny, Wedding and balcony scene Magenta
2000: Transylvanian Coordinator, Kimi Wong Tranny, Wedding, dinner, and balcony scene Magenta
2001: Transylvanian Coordinator, Kimi Wong Tranny, Wedding, dinner, and balcony scene Magenta
2002: Transylvanian Coordinator, but due to medical reasons could not participate in the final shows
2003: Transylvanian Coordinator, Kimi Wong Tranny, Old Lady in Wedding Scene, Flashback Magenta
Transylvanian Coordinator: 1998 - 2001 Und. Magenta: 1999 - 2001 Transylvanian: 1997 - 2001 : 1997 : 1996