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Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in Tampa, FL

Stephanie Stergis



Other Cast(s):
Interchangeable Parts (January 2004-current)
Written Aug 24 2004
Steph first saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show with the live cast "Interchangeable Parts" in August of 2003. She went to Tampa Theatre’s show a couple months after and fell in love. In January 2004, at an "Interchangeable Parts" show, Ed asked her to fill in for dinner scene Janet. That same night, she became understudy Janet, where she’s been ever since. She has also filled in as lead Rocky a couple times. A little over a year after her devirginization, she finds herself being on the "Larger Than Life" cast and "Interchangeable Parts" and is totally loving it!

"Larger Than Life" cast experience:
2004: Transylvanian, and one night as Dinner Scene Janet!!