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Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in Tampa, FL

Kat Lynes



Other Cast(s):
Interchangeable Parts (On and off from 2000-2003)
Written Aug 15 2004
Kat started doing Rocky about 5 years ago (time flies when you're in your underwear). Since then, she's quit for a while to marry this guy, Mark, that she picked up on a trip to Thailand and to have offspring that they named Darcy Bean in July (bids start at $500 and they accept personal checks). Now that the Bean is fully capable of child labor, Kat is back to doing what she does best; act like she's entertained while in lingerie. Mark is still fooled.

"Larger Than Life" cast experience:
2001 - Transylvanian, Wedding guest
2002 - Transylvanian, Wedding guest
2003 - Transylvanian, Wedding guest
2004 - Transylvanian, Wedding guest