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Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in Tampa, FL

Jannie Gunnlaugsson



Other Cast(s):
Interchangeable Parts (1996-current), Denton High (repeat guest performer; 1997), Circus of the Night (1998), Rich Weirdos (2003-current)
Written Apr 30 2004
Jannie was born in Minnesota and raised in St. Petersburg, FL. She first saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a live cast "Interchangeable Parts" in April of 1996 and joined the cast as understudy Magenta in June. After a few months, she moved to lead Frank and performed that part until early 2000, when she went back to Magenta, where she has remained ever since.

In 1998, she decided that the cast needed a website and began teaching herself how to make them by viewing other sites. She has since built and maintained the "Interchangeable Parts" cast website, this website, the RHPS fan tribute sites (see the "Links" page) and countless others.

In 2000, Jannie attended the Las Vegas 25th anniversary convention at the Hard Rock Hotel where she saw Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn & Little Nell and briefly appeared on the VH1 TV special about it. In 2001, she attended the Orlando, FL convention where she met Sue Blane (costume designer) and performed as takeover scene Magenta. In Feb. 2004, she attended the Charleston, SC, convention where she performed Toucha Me scene Rocky. In October 2003, she is mentioned and quoted in an article about this "Larger Than Life" cast show: http://www.sptimes.com/...just_a.shtml

In July 2003, she also joined the "Rich Weirdos" cast in Orlando, FL, where she plays Eddie or a Transylvanian on their Friday night shows.

"Larger Than Life" cast experience:
1997 - Understudy Frank, Transylvanian, church/dinner scene Frank
1998 - Lead Magenta
1999 - Lead Magenta
2000 - Lead Magenta
2001 - Lead Magenta
2002 - Lead Magenta
2003 - Lead Magenta (Sat. show: church/dinner scene Magenta, balcony takeover)