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Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in Tampa, FL

Ed Schneider



Other Cast(s):
Denton High (1996-1997), Interchangeable Parts (1997-current), Plan B From Denton High (2002)
Written Apr 30 2004
Born in Brooklyn, NY, Ed first saw "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on Comedy Central in 1995 and joined the "Denton High" Tampa cast in 1996 as Rocky Horror. In 1997, he joined the cast "Interchangeable Parts" in Pinellas Park, FL where he has remained ever since. Ed switched roles and performed the part of Riff Raff sometime in early 2000. In 2003, he started playing the part of Eddie.

Ed was elected as Co-Director of the "Interchangeable Parts" cast in August of 1999 and became full Director late in 2003.

In 2001, Ed attended the Orlando Rocky Horror convention where he met Sue Blane and performed as Riff Raff in the takeover scene.

Ed was chosen by director, Brian Dare, to be Assistant Director of the "Larger Than Life" cast in 2003.

"Larger Than Life" cast experience:
1997 - Understudy Rocky Horror
1998 - Lead Rocky Horror
1999 - Lead Rocky Horror
2000 - Lead Riff Raff
2001 - Lead Riff Raff
2002 - Lead Riff Raff
2003 - Lead Riff Raff (Sat. night: church/dinner scene Riff, balcony takeover)