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Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in Tampa, FL

Chris Markham



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Written May 30 2004
Chris got involved in Rocky through his wife, Wendy, also on the cast. Wendy is a long time Rocky participant with many casts. Initially filling in as trannie and props wrangler, Chris quickly got involved with the construction and refurbishment of new and existing props. He created such props as the car, the tank, and the church sign, as well as altered the existing props (such as the coffin and transducer) to get them to be more screen accurate. Recently, he was even on a national television show, TLC's "A Wedding Story" (Episode: Wendy & Chris) as they covered his medieval themed wedding to Wendy. While having a day job, Chris is also an accomplished artist.

"Larger Than Life" cast experience:
2001 - Props, Trannie, Props Design and Construction
2002 - Was part of the cast, but due to medical reasons, could not perform for the final shows
2003 - Props, Trannie, Wedding Scene Photographer, Props Design and Construction