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Other Cast(s):
Midnight Crew (1989-1992), Gainesville Cast (1991), Denton Drama Department (1992), Cast Incognito (1992), Interchangeable Parts (1992-1995, 2000-2002), Denton High (1996-1998), Plan B From Denton High (2002)
Written May 29 2003
I've been attending TRHPS since ("cough, sputter, gag...") and have been on nearly every local Tampa Bay cast since (see below).

I've hosted visits by Sal Piro to our weekly shows 3 times, in '92, '98, and '00, and the Tampa Theatre annual show 3 times, from '00 to present -

The '92 visit is mentioned in Sal's book, _Creatures of the Night II_ (page 66). I invited the Gainesville cast to join us, stay over as our guests, and perform dinner scene, so they'd have a chance to meet him.

I've been on WTVT-13 news twice, and have been in the papers at least half-a-dozen times -

I've guest performed with the NYC cast, thanks to Bill Brennan and Ron Maxwell, the Teaneck, NJ, cast, thanks to Larry Viezel, the Gainesville cast, Vertical Staging in Brandon, FL, and Near Death Experience in Tampa, FL, and was invited to perform in a special show on Fire Island by Perre Polley and Jessica Feldman.
I have been involved with or traveled to see Rocky in 7 states and over 20 theaters.

I have been the Tampa Fan Club Rep, number 431, since 1990, having recruited hundreds of fan club members over the years.

I ran the fanzine, _Extreme Lifestyles_, from 1990-2, which, while short-lived, did have readers in both the USA and overseas.

I've also performed as Judge Oliver Wright for Shock Treatment at two conventions.

I think that's enough for now (and this IS the Reader's Digest version!). Now some cast lists for your reading pleasure...

The Midnight Crew, Hillsboro 8, Tampa, Fl
  Member 1989-92
  Assistant Director, 1990-92

Gainesville Cast, Oaks AMC Theaters and Reitz Union Theatre, Gainesville, Fl
  Member 1991

Denton Drama Department, Tampa Theatre, Tampa, FL
  Dinner Scene Frank, Trannie, 1992

Cast Incognito, Sunshine Mall Theaters, Clearwater, Fl
  Member, 1992

Interchangeable Parts, Hillsboro 8, Tampa, Fl and Seminole AMC, Seminole, FL
  Criminologist 1992-5, 2000-1, 2003-?
  Assistant Director, 1992-3
  Director, 1993-4

Larger Than Life, Tampa Theatre, Tampa, FL
  Criminologist 1995-Present
  Assistant Director 1997-1998
  Director 1999 - Present

Denton High, Varsity AMC, Tampa, FL and East Lake R/C Theatres, Tampa, FL
  Criminologist 1996-98
  Director 1996-97
  Assistant Director 1997-8

Plan B From Denton High, Centro Ybor Muvico, Tampa, FL
  Criminologist 2002
  Director 2002

22nd Annual National Rocky Horror Convention, 1997 "The Light in the Darkness", Anaheim, CA
  Judge Oliver Wright, Shock Treatment
  Criminologist, Rocky Horror
  Best Crim, Costume Contest
    This rehearsal was in MY room, I have pics I need to scan -

25th Anniversary Convention, Las Vegas, NV, 2000
  Criminologist   http://dammitja.net/...index9.html

Rocky Horror Vacations Convention, 2001
  Judge Oliver Wright, Shock Treatment
  Criminologist, Rocky Horror